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We set ourselves apart with the practice of "partnering". As your business partner, you have your own personal trainer in all employment matters.

We are your on call / on task full time Human Resource Manager without the full time salary.

Suzanne Couper -

Principal of Pohlenkean, has been both employer and employee with a wealth of experience in business development and specifically human resource management.

She currently specializes in providing contract/on-call human resource management and training to a number of small - medium enterprises (SME's) in a wide range of industries. Without exception, they all have found using Pohlenkean has freed them to focus on core business knowing great human resource management practices are in place.

Her Corporate Tough LOVE© training programme has been well publicised through the television business programme, national newspapers and various publications. Through this, she has helped thousands of people become skilled and confident to manage more assertively and confront attitudes and behaviours that limit organisational effectiveness.

Suzanne also offers a mentoring and facilitation service which helps individuals to sort out workplace relationships that have got stuck or gone seriously off track, causing grief and pain. Clients find her direct yet supportive style to be highly effective in mediating conflict or coaching to move beyond the place that inflames or limits individuals.