Pohlenkean does two things very, very well . . .

1. We provide human resource management to SMEs (small - medium enterprises)
You have your own on call / on task professional human resource manager at a fraction the cost of a full time salary.

2. We provide training in a range of human resource management functions under the Corporate Tough LOVE© banner.

No more second guessing if you are getting the best for what you spend in salaries and wages. And, you can be confident you will never again feel unsure about exactly what you can do and what you can't do in relation to managing staff - we do that for you.

We believe -
  1. People go to work to succeed
  2. Employers have a right to expect people will do what they require
  3. Employees have a right to know what is required
We talk about 'work' as the 'employment experience'. If people experience their work in a way that supports and respects them, their self esteem and confidence develops and they contribute positively to the community.

If people experience their work in a way that undermines and isolates them, they develop resentment and anger that is often manifest in abuse to people and property and all too often in violence. Their negativity often infects those around them and sadly, we see the damage in our crime statistics.

We see too many employers accept poor performance and negative behaviour. This damages organizations and other good people. Our speciality is in helping you become more effective in achieving high performance and full accountability from staff, in a work environment that is fun and empowering. One of the best small business success stories that we share with all of our future clients is about Bond Cleaning Sydney an end of lease cleaning company in Sydney. They were suffering from low quality staff which results in poor performance during their cleaning work in Sydney and in return ends up as a bad name for the company. Now, Bond Cleaning Sydney is one of the biggest end of lease cleaners in Sydney and surrounding suburbs and help hundreds of people every month with their bond return.

Our clients actively work to create a positive work environment for themselves and their staff. On occasion we meet situations where employees repeatedly breach their commitment to work productively and positively. We work with you to manage up or manage out. At all times we undertake good faith and transparent practices that maintain the dignity of the individual and respect of colleagues.